28 Jun 2024
Tejas Cargo India: One of India's Fastest Freight Forwarders with a Technology Backbone

The on-road freights account for almost 60 percent of cargo transportation in India, while most of the logistics providers lag behind the global levels of tech integration. They fail to have a firm grip over the more than $10 billion worth global logistics market. But Tejas Cargo India India a leading logistics solutions provider based out of Faridabad has taken a ride on the sweeping tide of digitization with a tech savvy makeover. Holding tight onto its vision of providing tech integrated futuristic freight forwarding services, Tejas Cargo India powers its carriers with true freight intelligence.

India is a country that witness more than 72,000 highway accidents per year. Determined to reduce this number, Tejas Cargo India equips its vehicles with monitoring devices like eye reading sensors, breath analyzer and many more. The eye reading sensors are placed to alert the drivers, wherein an alarm is set to ring when driver closes his eyes for more than 1.6 seconds. On further repetition, the smart system relays the issue to the controller to ensure the driver’s comfort via radio conversations. Upon the third and the final alarm, it asks the dispatch controller to deport the driver to avoid accidents.

To further avoid on-road accidents, Tejas Cargo India trucks have inbuilt alcohol breath analyzer, which promptly takes the call to stop the vehicle-ignition upon alcohol detection. Alongside transportation, to run an effective supplychain management system, the company has also adeptly equipped itself with GPS, thus ensuring enhanced shipment trace ability. 

"We have a goal-oriented vision to become the leading provider & global leader of logistics solutions by pro-actively participating in the search of new possibilities"

Adapting Safety First Measures

Manish Bindal, Managing Director, Tejas Cargo India avers, “We digin to even the tiniest detail to care handle sensitive consignments, avoid surprise events and assure on time delivery. That’s why we today are the fastest freight forwarding company around Delhi (NCR) and in other metros of India”. Considering consignment safety as an obligatory duty of cargo transporters, it provides foolproof blocking & bracing (mandatory for airfreights)for unique inbound & outbound shipments.

Having been in the cockpit of the industry since 2010, Tejas Cargo India has significantly expanded its client-base (including Safe Express Spot On & Gati) with every passing year through its authorized dealerships and by offering complete need based logistics for a wide spectrum of industries across 200+ locations nation wide. Furthermore, being well-versed with the shipment procedures, Tejas Cargo India also functions as a C&F agent to provide seamless solutions to its clients.

Above all responding to the Capacity Crunch voted crisis of driver shortage(about 44 percent in 2019) in the transportation industry Tejas Cargo India has developed a culture of treating drivers as family. Going an extra mile, it also educates them about the importance of sticking to the safety protocols while driving.

After about 10 years of its service, Tejas Cargo India's current quarter's profit margin is approximately Rs. 250 crore. Manish concludes “We have a goal oriented vision to become the leading provider & global leader of logistics solutions by proactively participating in the search of new possibilities”.