Chander Bindal (Managing Director, Chairman)

Chander Bindal has 20 years+ experience in transport industry. He is responsible for managing the business operations and client acquisition and under his supervision, the company has made the preferred logistics partner for our clients. He is a qualified B. Com. & integrated B.Tech and he has been at the center of R&D in logistics, developing the cuttingedge technology for Tracking and anti-theft.. Under his guidance, the company has been successfully delivering the exceptional TAT and customer satisfaction.

Manish Bindal (CEO)

Manish Bindal is an MBA in Finance and heads the finance and administration of the company. He has 15 years+ experience in the logistics industry and has been instrumental in building the company with strong financial support and excellent working capital arrangement at the lowest cost. In addition to managing the finances for the company, he has been instrumental in developing the in-house ERP that provides an all in one services for managing the transport operations and finance under one roof.